pilots in the cge terminal building

The Cambridge-Dorchester Airport terminal building is open from 8am-5pm, Monday-Sunday.

Facility Rental

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The Future of Cambridge Dorchester Regional Airport

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kids about to order at-Kay's

Katie’s at the Airport

Join us at Katie’s at the Airport for down home, local Eastern Shore meals and cuisine. Bring the family and your little ones, and enjoy watching the airplanes land and take off as you dine with us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Katie’s At the Airport specializes in great seafood and mouth-watering steaks.

Facebook Reviews . . .

“I brought a group of 13 pilots to Kay’s last night. It was late in the day. The staff was amazing. They treated us like welcome guests. I could not have been happier. Plus the food was great! Everyone has a good time.” –Brenda Tibbs, 7/29/18 (Facebook Review)

“Excellent customer service and always excellent food” – Sheila Benson-Smith 7/16/18 (Facebook Review)

“First time there with friends for dinner, what a great place and food was awesome!! We will be going back to try breakfast!!” – Gale Holbrook Ribakow, 7/5/18 (Facebook Review)

Thursday – 8AM–8PM
Friday – 8AM–8PM
Saturday – 8AM–8PM
Sunday – 8AM–3PM
Monday – 8AM–8PM
Tuesday – 8AM–8PM
Wednesday – Closed

(410) 901-8844

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