airplanes tied down at Cambridge Airport

Cambridge-Dorchester Airport (CGE) is a publicly owned, public use general aviation airport owned by the Dorchester County Council. The airport is located on Delmarva Peninsula approximately 3 miles southeast of Cambridge.

The airport maintains a single 4,477-foot long by 75-foot wide asphalt/grooved runway (Runway 16/34) with a full parallel taxiway and non-precision approach capability. The airport is included in the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), making it eligible to receive federal funds. Its role, identified in the 2008 Maryland Aviation System Plan, is a General Airport, which accommodates the basic needs of general aviation aircraft and pilots. General aviation operations typically include light multi-engine and single-engine aircraft used for business, pleasure, and training.

Airport users can obtain aircraft fueling services for both 100LL and Jet A, major airframe service, and major power plant service. Aircraft parking and storage is available on paved tie downs and in T-hangars. The airport supports all types of general aviation activity including flight instruction, aircraft rental, and agricultural operations (crop dusting). The 36 based aircraft at Cambridge-Dorchester Airport are primarily single-engine aircraft and one multi-engine aircraft.

Our Goals

  • To provide protection of Airport users through safety and security policies.
  • To achieve superior maintenance efficiency and reliability, while protecting the environment.
  • To understand and exceed the needs and expectations of pilots, passengers, airport businesses and customers.
  • To practice prudent commercial principals to ensure competitive costs and adequate funds to support future growth.
  • To achieve proper balence between revenue maximization and fairness with customers.
  • To develop and foster outstanding airport professionals within an exceptional airport team.
  • To actively participate in County goals in alignment with the future growth of Dorchester County.


  • Assist with investigating funding sources for permanent extension of water and sewerage service to airport.
  • Assist with railroad realignment and runway extension construction.
  • Assist with easements, land acquisitions and deed restrictions for properties around airport.

Mission Statement

The Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport’s mission is to serve the air transportation and service needs of Dorchester County and the Regional Area by safely Providing, Operating, Promoting, Developing and Maintaining modern and efficient facilities and amenities for the traveling public in accordance with all Federal and State Aviation Regulations and Federal, State and Local laws.

Airport Operational Statistics

23,713 total operations in 2017

Aircraft based on field: 48
Single engine airplanes: 45
Multi engine airplanes: 1
Jet airplanes: 2

Economic Report

The Maryland Aviation Administration publishes a report every 2 years.

2018 Cambridge-Dorchester Airport Economic Report